Government of Idia initiated a high priority plan project called "National Informatics Centre"  (NIC) under  the Electronics  Commission
  / Department  of Electronics in 1976, with  the  long  tern objective of setting up  a computer-based  informatics  network   for decision 
  support to  the Government Ministries/ Departments and  development  of  databases  relaing   to  India's  socio-economic development
  and monitoring  of  plan  programmes.  Since,  its  inception  in 1977, NIC has been playing  a catalytic  role  in  creating informatics
  awareness in promoting and systemising the data collection, organisation,  processing   and  its  on-line accessibility.  From 1985-86, 
  NIC  has  extended   its   informaitcs   support  services  to  State  and  District  administrations and signed Memorandum of Understanding
   with all the State Governments/  UTs of the Union of India.

 The major objectives of the NIC are :-

q       Development of necessary and appropriate computerised information 
systems/  data bases in various sectors of the economy for interactive use.              

q       Promotion of Informatics culture at district, state and central level      

q       Improvement of the analytical capacity and quality presentation of statistics for  
decision making and planning at various levels.

q       Development of modelling and forecasting techniques that are required for   optimal planning for economic development.

q       Establishment of computer network with necessary communication equipment  for ensuring easy access of information aross the nation and ensuring reliable,  timely and accurate information enabling optimal use of resources.

q       Evolve standards for data collection, compilation and dissemination with the  co-operation of related agencies at district, state and central levels.

q       Create a dedicated training school with branches in all parts of the country for  extensive training/re-training of existing Government personnel and NIC users.

q       Provide value added services on NICNET to the users in public and private sectors.

                                        Activities of National Informatics Centre, Balasore

NIC , a nodal scientific & technical organisation under Ministry of Information Technology, Government  of   India   has   introduced  
Information Technology tools  for  Management Support   System  (MSS) ,  Development  of  Database  (DBs) ,  Modelbases  (MBs) &
Knowledgebases (KBs) Decision Support System (DSSs), Geographic  Information  System (GISNIC),Paper-Less Office Concept,
Electronics Mail Service & Multimedia bases IT training.

            NIC District unit ,Balasore since its inception in 1988 has been playing pioneer role in disseminating value based IT culture in the
           district. Various activities  like
      q       Teachers Selection Procedure

q       Treasury Accounting Systems

q       Village Index Card System (Round-4)

q       MISMI (daily & weekly market price data for selected commodities)

q       SS (for  District Small Savings office)

q       Old Age Pension & Widow Pension

q       COM-TAX (Commercial Tax)

q       PAYROLL for district administration

q       CASE,TAX & BALANCE for Revenue Section of Collectorate

q       Community Needs Assessment Approach (Family Welfare Department)

q       FCI Information Systems

q       Courtnic

q       Regulated Market Committee

q       Land Record Information Systems

q       INTERNET based services are being carried out successfully.



  It is designed and maintained by National Informatics Centre.